Simple. Sales. Growth.

We promise to..
- give you value
- keep it simple
- keep it effective
- cut the fluff so you get actionable methods to grow your sales
- be human, no stuffed shirts
- have fun with you - so you learn better and enjoy it too

Who the fluff?

hello, I'm Nicola and I'm a sales trainer, mentor and coach.

I help those that need to sell do so in an authentic, customer-led way with integrity.

I have the credentials to back it up - I have 26 year's experience of selling, sales management, sales directorship and training and coaching.

I am a Fellow of the Institute of Sales Management, which is the highest level they accredit. They also keep me up to date with my own learning of new skills, technology and methods.

I am a member of the CPD Accreditation body, which means I focus on tangible learning outcomes from my training.

My company is called No Fluff for a reason - I am not a stuffed suit, I do not give you half the questions and no answers, I want you to walk away from anything I offer with solid ways you can increase your sales, as well as motivation and inspiration.

On a personal note, I live on the Kent coast in an beautiful but money pit of an old house and, once I've fed my coffee addiction, I love nothing more than a beach walk with Bilbo, my cockerpoo.


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Entrepreneurs and those doing EVERYTHING

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