Technique tip in ten: Match video critique

sales sales directors sales management sales training Jul 24, 2021

This is an awkward one, and the cringe-factor is fairly high. However, bear with me!

Video yourself making a sales call.

Before you dismiss this idea, have a think about it.. Top athletes and sporting teams do this all the time, they watch both their own and others’ performances on video, look out for what works, what doesn’t, and where improvements can be made, or new approaches tried. It's very common practice - they want to win, so they'll do it.

Get over yourself a bit and look at your sales activity as your selling, rather than sporting, performance.

Then go over it and critique.  If you want to be top of your sales game, this is worth considering. It can feel a little awkward – but you’ll get used to it. 

So what are you looking for?

The more obvious points to look for:

Did it do everything you wanted it to? (what was your 'why'?)
How does it sound?
Is it clear who you are and what you want?
Do they know the next steps?

The less obvious points to look for:
How is your posture? Open chest and upright?
Are you smiling (seriously - you can hear if someone is smiling.. try it!)?
How was your tone of voice?
Did you interrupt them?
Ask good questions to find out if you fit?
How was the pace of your speech? Too babbling? Too relaxed?
Did you mirror their tone, pace and vocabulary?

Yes, so it can be awkward to watch yourself on video - but it's a useful exercise. You can also role play between your team members, but nothing is as good as real life.

Good luck!

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