The four basic buyer's questions.

customer experience customer service sales Nov 09, 2021

It's a frustration for sales folk when a prospective client won't commit. You have a target to hit, don't they see that?!

Always remember it's their own journey - they don't need to follow your agenda, they have their own.

However, there are four basic questions they need answered before they'll make a commitment to you. It's up to you guys to answer them.

  1. Why should I buy YOUR service/product?
  2. Why should I buy this from YOU in particular?
  3. Why should I buy this from YOUR COMPANY in particular?
  4. Why should I buy this TODAY?

The last is often the one that is unanswered if the client is stalling. Perhaps there is no actual sense of urgency - there's no discount deadline, or need to get the sale agreed before production or delivery can take place. If so, how are you going to create a sense of urgency if you have a target to hit imminently? Have a think about that today. Either you create the urgency, or you let them take their time.

Good luck!

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