A bird in the hand - 7 tips to keep existing clients

customer experience customer service sales sales management Jul 20, 2021

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

Actually, it's probably worth more than just two in the bush. Selling and reselling to existing clients is said to be five to ten times 'easier' than prospecting for new ones. Post-sale care is just as important as the pre-sale charm offensive.

Now, prospecting is harder. The hit rate is lower. But it really (yes REALLY) is important to keep that sales funnel topped up with newbies. Don't ignore it. So this post isn't giving you carte blanche to ditch the prospect calling in favour of working on your client retention. I will deny I ever said such a thing.

However, looking after your existing buyers, evolving that relationship, cross selling, upselling and re-selling are vital too. They've already been won over. Your delivery has been exceptional and they're happy with your service or product. Then what? How often are you in touch? Just for renewal or do you put that little extra in to keep them happy and engaged? Are you sure your hard won advocate is still at that company? Or is someone else pulling the purse strings now?

Here are 7 tips to keep your lovers lovin':

  1. Make friends with more than just one contact at the company, if your bestie moves on you'll need some others on side
  2. Make sure you know why they bought from you, set expectations early on so everything is clear
  3. Deliver what you promised, on time. And if you mess up - 'fess up and put it right.
  4. Add value, over deliver on what you've promised
  5. Maintain communication. Calls aren't just to close a sale. Communicate. Learn what's happening in their world.
  6. Be unexpectedly nice. Send them a postcard, give information that's relevant to them (eg. send them an article they might be interested in)
  7. Help them. Share their social media posts, retweet and like, support their efforts.

These tips (and I'm sure there are more) will help keep your clients coming. As an added benefit, it's more likely to boost referral rates and great testimonials. Don't be shy, either, ask for them, and offer to give them in return.

If you don't have a customer retention strategy - why not? It will make your more sales, increase your client base and boost referrals. No Fluff can help you set this up with your team. Contact us for a No Fluff chat.

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