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Entrepreneur / Micro Business

You probably didn't become a business owner to 'sell' or lead a sales team. Yet you want more clients, but easily, with solid processes to fall back on so it's as pain-free as possible.
If you need support on your sales mindset, or where to start your active selling journey and what to actually do, this is the place, we have several options for you.

Small Business

You have 1-20 people 'selling', or a small team juggling sales amongst many roles, we can move you to sales productivity and efficiency.
No sleaze, no 'fluff', no man-in-a-suit, but practical, authentic sales training, support, strategy and auditing of your sales function within your overall business. Perfect for those in, or about to start a growth phase.

Medium or Larger Companies

Do you need your sales team inspired?  Working more efficiently, rediscovering their logo? Or  coordinating better together and with other departments?
Do you have a sales leader that could benefit from
1-to-1 coaching?
Or do you need a solid sales training program tailor made for your company? 

Please allow me to introduce myself..

hello, I'm Nicola and I'm a sales trainer, mentor and coach.

I help those that need to sell do so in an authentic, customer-led way with integrity.

I have the credentials to back it up - I have 26 year's experience of selling, sales management, sales directorship and training and coaching.I have been a Fellow of the Institute of Sales Management, which is the highest level they accredit.

I am a member of the CPD Accreditation body, which means I focus on tangible learning outcomes from my training.

My company is called No Fluff for a reason - I am not a stuffed suit, I do not give you half the questions and no answers, I want you to walk away from anything I offer with solid ways you can increase your sales, as well as motivation and inspiration. But I do it in a way that is comfortable, authentic and 'real' as well as effective.

On a personal note, I live on the Kent coast in an beautiful but money pit of an old house and, once I've fed my coffee addiction, I love nothing more than a beach walk with Bilbo, my cockerpoo.

Adriana Potts

Nicola's extensive business and selling experience gave me great value during the sales training I attended. She is clear, direct and funny. She asks the right probing questions and is not afraid of telling you what you need to hear. She breaks down the sales process and shows you how to sell yourself and your business successfully. As she says, we are all selling something all the time; we just don't realise it.! If you feel you are stuck in a rut or lack confidence when it comes to your business and selling, I highly recommend you talk to Nicola. You won't regret it!

Will Brookes

Nicola is super friendly, confident and very easy to work with. She has a wealth of knowledge covering sales, personal development and life coaching. She understands our company's needs and has acknowledged areas for improvement and given me a strong sales plan for me to implement. Her tutelage and target setting has been invaluable and has distinctly increased our company's sales. She also has hundreds of valuable industry connections, that she has been kind enough to share with us. Definitely the person to know! The hardest worker in the room.

James Birrell


Nicola's natural ability to build rapport, putting her trainees and those she's mentoring instantly at ease is fantastic. She is able to establish strong and meaningful connections, creating an environment that fast-tracks the learning and development of others. Nicola is a true professional, achieving excellent results whilst ensuring those she is working with have a little fun along the way. An L+D sales and marketing guru and all-round super star.

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